What do we offer?

Space ConneXions provides the following services.

Earth Observation Project Management

Our core activity is the management of Earth Observation projects on behalf of governmental and international organisations. These include long-term projects with subcontractors from the science and industry sectors, such as the ATSR Data Exploitation and Copernicus C3S technical support contracts, as well as shorter contracts, such as NIMCAM and SNEEZI.

Procurement Support

Our staff are often called upon to support UK organisations and agencies in the development of requirements for the procurement of Earth Observation payloads. This can range from several months activity, such as the development of a proposal for the UK contribution to MicroCarb, to just a few weeks of focused activities on projects such as TRUTHS and the EO4MCM project.

Technical Consultancy

SCL-UK represents the UK Space Agency on the Cross Support Services Area of CCSDS. We are working with representatives of the world's leading space agencies to develop recommendations to allow spacecraft from one agency to use the communications assets of another agency in what will ultimately become an "interplanetary internet".