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Ship-borne Radiometry
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SCL-UK is currently managing a team from the UK and Denmark who operate shipborne radiometers to provide fiducial reference measurements (FRM) of Sea Surface Temperature (SST).


Space Connexions provides the project management support for the Advanced Surface Temperature Radiometer Network (ASTeRN) project.

EO Data Quality Assessment
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Space ConneXions Ireland (SCL-IRE) leads our work on Copernicus projects, including the technical support for the management of ECMWF's Essential Climate Variable (ECV) contracts, which are providing Earth observation data for the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Climate Data Store.

Procurement Support
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Our procurement support includes the development of the successful proposal for the UK contribution to MicroCarb. Recently, we supported STFC/RAL Space to prepare a tender for studies into 5 small satellite constellations to monitor marine and/or climate phenomena from low Earth orbit as part of the EO for Marine and Climate Mission development programme. The 5 studies are now underway.

EO Small Satellite Missions
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Space Connexions provides project management services to support EO satellite projects, including the Near Infrared Multispectral Camera for Atmospheric Methane (NIMCAM) lead by the University of Edinburgh (UoE), which is a small, low-cost satellite being designed to monitor methane emissions.


Space ConneXions is also supporting UoE in the Sensing NO2 Emissions to Evaluate net-Zero Initiatives (SNEEZI) project to develop a new satellite instrument for the detection of nitrogen dioxide.

Technical Consultancy
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Space ConneXions represents the UK Space Agency (UKSA) on the Cross Support Area of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS).

Past Projects

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AATSR Project Management >

Exploiting the experience of Space ConneXions staff in managing the procurement of the AATSR instrument and the prototype data processing software from UK industry, in 2004 Defra (later DECC) contracted Space ConneXions to manage the UK components of the AATSR data exploitation activities.

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Climate Change >

Space ConneXions UK acted as project manager for the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project, which was led by the University of Reading.

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Satellite Carbon Missions >

Space ConneXions UK provided project management support to the Bilateral Carbon Mission study led by the University of Leicester, which assessed possible UK contributions to the French-led MicroCarb satellite project.