Leicester University Women's Football Club

Leicester University Women's Football Club

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2009 - 2010 League Champions and Varsity Cup Winners

The team has played extremely well throughout the season and have won the Midlands Conference Women's League 2B. Well done! The results are:

14-10-09University of Cambridge Women's 1stALeagueWON5:0
21-10-09University of Warwick Women's 1stHLeagueWON7:0
04-11-09University of Nottingham Women's 2ndALeagueWON10:0
11-11-09University of East Anglia Women's 1stHLeagueWON4:1
18-11-09Oxford University Women's 2ndACupWON6:1
25-11-09Oxford University Women's 2ndALeagueWON5:2
02-12-09University of Cambridge Women's 1stHLeagueWON5:0
27-01-10University of East Anglia Women's 1stHCupWON8:5
03-02-10University of Warwick Women's 1stALeagueWON7:1
17-02-10University of Lincoln Women's 1stACupLOST1:5
02-03-10De Montfort University Women's 1stHVarsityWON2:0
03-03-10University of East Anglia Women's 1stALeagueDREW1:1
10-03-10University of Nottingham Women's 2ndHLeagueWON8:1
17-03-10Oxford University Women's 2ndHLeagueWON3:0
In addition, the team has won the annual varsity match against De Montford University, which was played at The Walkers Stadium, the home of Leicester City Football Club.

LUWFC team receiving varsity cup on 2 March 2010 (requires Window Media).

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